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  • Feb072022

    ig live with @urbsuburbstyle

    JOIN ME and Paul Gulch of @urbsburbstyle on Instagram .... on Wednesday, February 9th at 6pm PST/9pm EST We'll be…

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  • Aug252020

    14 perfect power pieces

    I asked newsletter readers what they needed to know and what I heard was, "I need just…

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  • Aug192020

    post-pandemic back-to-work guide

    We're all looking for easy ways to transition back-to-work whether virtual or #IRL (in real life). This guide provides some…

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  • Aug192020

    problem: my weight is up & down – what do I buy?

    Problem: For whatever reason, my weight fluctuates, so what can I buy regardless of my weight? Solution: Choose wisely +…

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  • Jan122018

    6 items to never buy when money is low

    It's the start of the year and everyone is either thinking about how to dig out of the 'holiday spending'…

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  • Aug242016

    The Benefits of Repetition in Dressing

    It’s not a really big deal so don’t frown your nose at it…dressing using the same pieces can be a…

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  • Aug152016

    New FREE Style Downloadables Available!

    About three or four times a year, Blueprint for Style gathers all of the requests we've had throughout the year…

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  • Mar152016

    The Devil Is In The Details

    You wanna be stylish right? You wanna look like your chic isn't overplayed or took too long right? You wanna…

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  • Jul082015

    [Poll] Which Kim Kardashian Look Do You Like Best?

    I'm not a Kim Kardashian lover but here's what she does with a viciousness: she stays in her sartorial lane (or…

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  • May112015

    MANly Monday: Style Quote

    “You can throw an unlined cotton suit in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. When it comes out, give…

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  • May042015

    MANly Monday: Style Quote

    “An unlined wool suit with a fresco weave (which is really open, so when you hold it up to the…

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  • Apr152015

    POLL: How Much Of Your Wardrobe Do You Actually Use?

    There are numbers flying all over the place on this but an old study (over 8 years old) says that…

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  • Jun232014
    shirt fit, men's style

    MANly Monday: Make A List, Check It Twice

    Yes, this one is mundane but so essential. The rules for men don't change nearly as often as those for…

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  • Apr012014
    shopping habits - whowhatwear

    7 Shopping Habits to Nail Before Turning 27

    Why only seven habits? Because the average person starts to unravel after seven items and it also made sense to keep it…

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  • Mar282014

    Shopping for Gamechangers: Cliff Notes Version

    This is the last in a four part series around building your ideal wardrobe. This last session is focused on the…

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  • Mar212014

    Defining Your Personal Style: Cliff Notes Version

    This is the third in a four part series around building your ideal wardrobe. By now, you've done an initial…

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  • Mar142014

    Editing Your Closet: Cliff Notes Version

    This is the second in a four part series around building your ideal wardrobe. Remember that step one is all…

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  • Mar072014

    In the Beginning, There was Darkness

    This is the first in a four part series around building your ideal wardrobe. You can spend a…

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  • Feb282014

    Building The Ideal Wardrobe Series

    You really want a personal stylist or someone/anyone to come into your closet, twinkle their nose, and create the ideal…

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  • Feb192014

    Pronouncing Designer Names

    Sure you don't want to ask anyone (especially if you're in the store itself) because they may look at you…

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  • Mar212013

    Essence Magazine Style Advice

    I'm always honored when friends and clients ask me for advice ~ it's a chance to share my expertise and…

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  • Dec122012

    Five Step Plan to Custom Suit Perfection

    If you don't have or want to spend $2,000 on a custom suit, likely no one would look at you…

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  • Nov302012

    Style Tip: Lips

    Luscious lips are not for the office. High gloss options are messy (and sticky), so go for an easy cream…

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  • Nov152012

    Style Tip: Hair

    It's a funny thing but, hair that is polished and "in order" creates the perception of an organized crazy,…

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  • Oct082012

    Calling All Questions

      There is no dumb style question, so ask away and we'll commit to give you our best/researched style insight.…

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