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The Benefits of Repetition in Dressing

The Benefits of Repetition in Dressing
2016/08/24 Better Blueprint
{photo from pinterest}

{photo from pinterest - even alexander mcqueen understood the beauty of repetition}

It’s not a really big deal so don’t frown your nose at it…dressing using the same pieces can be a great thing! I know you secretly want to be “cali boho” one day and “ultra-fem, uptown sophisticate” the next but, for the average joe or jane, your wardrobe should consist, in large part, of similar items.

As humans, we’re creatures of habit so once you find something that looks great (which is different from “….was available in multiple colors”) then you should invest in at least one or two more because (1) the more you wear it, the greater the likelihood for wear and (2) you’re likely pairing it with multiple outfits so you’ll be deficit when you have to remove it from the regular rotation!

To push your sartorial parameters, try to find the item in a different color or print; and push even further by looking for similar pieces by the same designer because their ethos likely extends beyond your one item.

There is benefit in repetition and it shouldn’t be dismissed. When you look good and get compliments [from the right person(s)] then why not continue the ‘feel good’ streak!!

A few things to notice about my items on repeat: for the most part, they’re elevated basics (a basic with a little twist) and they’re a solid color!