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Wearing White After Labor Day (ABC7)

About Blueprint for Style...

Blueprint for Style is a company but, more importantly, it's a passion....a passion for helping everyday men and women see the world a little bit differently -- through the eyes of someone who has a knowledge for what "beautiful" looks and feels like even if "everyday" is a law firm or school office or office building.

I wanted Blueprint for Style to help professional women discover the difference real "fashion" could make in their everyday lives. It has since evolved into inspiring and influencing a more stylish lifestyle and being more intentional about personal style for women and men.

Blueprint for Style endeavors to help one individual at a time understand fashion, apply it in their everyday life, and transform all the disparate pieces into something personal that feels and looks fabulous!

About Me...

I started styling because I wanted people to feel good and one of the easiest ways to feel good is to look great! I think about every time I put on my favorite pair of jeans or denim skirt and my comfy All Saints sweater with a fitted tee - I feel like I'm ready to get down to some business....even if I am just hopping over to my office down the hall.... But I also think about that Elie Tahari dress and Schutz heels I throw on when I'm headed out the door to meet with a client and I know I'm lookin' right. Looking good just adds an extra pep in your step and a little more umph to your allows your theme song to play as you walk into a room.

What's your theme song?!

In the meantime, thank you for allowing me to share the details of my sartorial journey with you....


About My Readers...

  • Approximately 80% of my readers are female
  • My readers are mostly in the U.S. with the U.K. and India being in second and third place
  • 53% of users access the website via their desktop (that number is quickly declining....)
  • The average age of all readers is about 37
  • Most of the male readers are between 41-49 years old
  • My readers like to do weekend getaways, have “treat'' days, host intimate dinner parties, do yoga, Zumba and Pilates, and the men almost always do custom suits!
  • Over 60% of Blueprint for Style readers have income in excess of $80K
  • Over 50% of my readers are in a relationship (excluding me...)
  • My readers are equally interested in reading about “Top 3….”, what to wear to work, and ways to do effortless chic. The next most fave topic is travel

Something you're itching to know but this didn't quite scratch it right, contact me!