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There are always questions when you think of investing in a personal stylist or perhaps you even wonder if you need one at all. You could be an organization or company that is wondering how an image consultant can improve customer relations, employee morale or productivity, or the bottom line. You could be a student who wants to put their best foot forward to land that dream job and you know that your visual resume has to be just as tight as your actual resume.

Well, this is a great place to start -- you'll get a basic understanding of the who, what, and how. We can figure out the when and where together...

What does it mean to subscribe to the newsletter?

Subscribing to the newsletter means that when the bi-weekly newsletter goes out, it goes to your inbox. WAIT! It also means that you provided your birthday so you'll receive a special gift on your special day!

Friends have subscribed and got some free downloads. How do I get those?

To get any free downloads available, simply click [here] to update your mailing preferences and sleet your desired download.

How do you work with companies?

Businesses that strive for a professional environment, and want employees who project a polished and professional image for the company will utilize our services. We conduct training for high performers, new staff, C-suite, affinity groups, and other individuals who fully comprehend that 'image is important' and the power of perception is 100% real!


Do you work with men as well?

Men need love too (just in a different way). Blueprint for Style works with men and women as well as businesses. Currently, approximately 30% of our clientele are men.

Are your styling services in-person or virtual (i.e., Skype)?

Styling services are almost exclusively done in-person however, our Shopping Services fall into two categories: Virtual Shopping Assistance (VSA) and Personal Shopping. VSA is conducted online with recommendations emailed to you while Personal Shopping is done in-store with items brought to you for try-on.

What's your hourly rate?

Were it that easy.... My hourly rate varies depending on the services needed and is always reduced if we create a "package" of services (vs. one-off). We accept ALL major credit cards as well as the almighty dollar bill.

Can you make item recommendations for wardrobe essentials?

Yes is the easy answer. The more complicated answer is that the list really depends on whether your male or female, in what industry/environment you work, your budget, etc. Trust me, it can be done just contact me so we can figure out the details!

Do I have to be a client to have you shop for me for an event I need to attend?

While Blueprint for Style can shop and create event/function-specific looks for new and ongoing clients alike, it's always easier when we've been working together and I have a sense for what will be on fleek!

Where can I see pictures of your clients?

All personal styling pictures are personal thus not available on the site. I have a few photoshoot styling portfolios available wowever, if you're wondering whether I can add value, it's best to check out the Blueprint for Style Yelp reviews.

Do you do editorial photo shoots?

I do editorial photo shoots albeit not a ton because it's a little like "herding cats". If you need me, I'll be there so, click [here] and let's get the good times rollin'!

Are you on social media?

I'm all over social media: InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterestBloglovin'Tumblr etc.

Are there any discounts for personal styling services?

There are discounts available for most services however, they are generally given when you bundle or "package" services.

How can I contact you for more information?

Just click [here], fill out the contact form, or connect via social media. Typically, I'll respond within 48 hours.

Can I afford your services?

If you interact with professionals, are interested in moving up/onward/elsewhere, or are in a public-facing role, you can't afford not to do it!

Do you do events?

Events are HARD work (hats off to event planners and the like)! I have done events in the past and will continue to collaborate with brands when it makes sense and when I can bring something that has value. Check out my events calendar to see what's going on where and when. In addition, I'll always share webinars, etc on the newsletter (make sure you're signed up)!

What's your Style Personality?

The Founder/CEO, Monica (me!), believes that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and no matter what you're doing or where you are, your outward appearance is always saying something. 93% of people's perceptions are formed from visual and other non-verbal cues so Blueprint for Style wants to do what we can to make the biggest impact with the little time we have (BTW - it takes about 15 seconds to form an "opinion" of someone)!

In terms of my Style Personality as with all of my clients, it has a name. Mine is "zesty feminine chic with a twist" and it simply means that I'm always striving to show or create a feminine line with my looks while keeping it amped-up-classic (read: chic) and adding something zesty or standout to the mix brings it together. Fashion is all about the clothes, the accessories, the trends and so on but is about how you make your mark on that fashion.

Now, let's get stylish!