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About Me

Growing up in a stylish environment with family that was fully absorbed in everything fashionable, Monica acquired her passion and skill for detecting style at an early age.  With over nine years of formal personal styling and image consulting experience, she has advised politicos, styled executives, worked with professional athletes, and curated entrepreneurs.  As founder/editor-in-chief of Blueprint for Style, Monica knows how to develop the right style – the conscious selectivity of elements that work in concert to create a curated image.

Monica has been asked to guest lecturer at New York City’s famed Fashion Institute of Technology and a host of conferences and speaking engagements.  Amid an active speaking calendar, Monica works as an external consultant for Neiman Marcus to provide fashion insights related to customer experiences; was selected to be part of Vogue Magazine’s elite Influencer Network; and is one of only 300 Alpha Shoppers for Lucky Magazine, a group of socially networked individuals who are style influencers and fashion trendsetters.

“Life is about living intentionally, loving randomly, laughing often, and surrounding yourself with all the beautiful things life has to offer…whatever that may be for you.” -Monica