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Defining Your Personal Style: Cliff Notes Version

Defining Your Personal Style: Cliff Notes Version
2014/03/21 Better Blueprint

110934721This is the third in a four part series around building your ideal wardrobe. By now, you've done an initial wardrobe assessment, spent a Saturday (or Sunday) purging your closet to get down to those most useful items and elements. This third section will work as a "purge" as well but will come as a result of you having a better understanding of your style personality.

Let's start by answering these 9 questions: [if it takes you more than 5 seconds to answer each one, you're thinking wrong]

  1. Do you favor solids or prints?
  2. Do you prefer denim or pants/slacks?
  3. Is your preference to wear a t-shirt or button down?
  4. What color shoes do you wear most frequently to work? During the weekend?
  5. Do you prefer to wear sneakers/flats or shoes/heels on the weekend?
  6. Running out the house for a night on the town, are you reaching for a leather jacket or blazer?
  7. Would you categorize your jewelry as non-existent, classic, or a little more statement/edgy?
  8. What is your favorite color [as opposed to the most frequently occurring color in your color]?
  9. When was the last time you did a closet purge (aside from last week's to-do)?

164323930Email the answers to all 9 questions to me, and I'll respond back with your style personality.

Once you get your answer....time to do some purging and list creation.

  • Based on your style personality, you should plan to remove those items that are outside of your "comfort zone" because you can keep them but they only take up space (you're not going to actually wear them)
  • If you wear lace-ups to all of your casual work affairs, run to the store for a nice loafer
  • If you're more conservative, consign the dress with the deep v-neck because you'll only look and wonder why....
  • If you're the 'rainbow bright' type then dispense with all of the colors and choose two (maybe three colors) to rock for the season
  • If you live in denim then cut out all of the raggedy tees and step it up with a few nice print tops to balance your look
  • If you don't know the middle ground between suits and denim, invest in a sports coat and a few henleys
  • If you only know dress down then leave all the skinny, high heels to the uptown fashionistas

Last to-do ~ based on your style personality and purging, you are likely missing a few key items as you build a wardrobe based on your newly named style. The foundational items don't really change much....just how they look. For example, a basic black or white t-shirt is an essential but for a classic style we can go plain or a v-neck; for a more casual personality, we'd try a t-shirt with an a-line; and for a more edgy type, we might opt for a t-shirt that has a zipper or other you see where I'm going with this?

Well that's step three! I can't wait to hear from you all....just give me a day or two to get back to you!

Next week: we're shopping for the gamechanging pieces. Where do we shop? How do we make it work?