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7 Shopping Habits to Nail Before Turning 27

7 Shopping Habits to Nail Before Turning 27
2014/04/01 Better Blueprint

shopping habits - whowhatwearWhy only seven habits? Because the average person starts to unravel after seven items and it also made sense to keep it "doable". Why 27 years old? Because it's the age that many young ladies and men start to think they're the ish and are finally making their own money - and many choose this time to go crazy! I can't stop the socialization process but I can help to counter it.

  1. Seasonal wardrobe budget – this is the biggest money/budget saver so you know what you’ve got to spend and can plan your finances.
  2. The three Bs matter most – blazers, bags, blues. Girls and guys will find over time that a great blazer can heal an outfit or mend  a fashion faux pas. Bags are all about leather - you'll have plenty of time to accumulate logos so focus on quality leather that will wear well over the years. Blues are everything you choose to purchase in that hue - blue is one of the most difficult colors to find so when you find it, get it and take care of it [see #5].
  3. Catalog your closet before shopping – knowing what you have in your closet before heading out to add or spend more money helps to avoid buying duplicates.
  4. Versatility matters – ask yourself how many different outfits you can create with the one piece, If the answer is less than three, leave it be. If it’s a special occasion, consider clothing “rentals”. As part of the undiscovered need for versatility, start adding prints now because they'll only get more expensive!
  5. Care for your clothes – investment pieces require special care especially things like cashmere, wool and leather.
  6. Vintage right – use consignment and vintage shopping for classic and high-end pieces.
  7. Know your signature staples – this varies for everyone but if it’s a v-neck t-shirt then grab the basics and then experiment with prints. If it’s an a-line skirt, make sure you have your work pieces and then think about date night options. If it’s a vest or waistcoat, find your perfect one that is a great neutral and then note the shape, size and features, and look to add others.

You're an adult so shop like one. Head to WhoWhatWear to see their list of shopping habits to acquire by 30.

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