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Plum To Some. Prune To Others.

Plum To Some. Prune To Others.
2014/04/03 Better Blueprint

Photo Caption Juice from prunes helps relieve constipation. Photo Credit YelenaYemchuk/iStock/Getty Images

Plums. Yum!
Prunes. Yuck!

Including improving digestion, drinking the dark purple juice may also help to prevent chronic diseases because of antioxidants it contains. The sweet and slightly tart juice also provides a good source of certain essential vitamins and minerals needed to maintain your overall health.” Read more at Livestrong.

I was feeling slow and bit bloated. I thought I needed to do a juice cleanse so I could feel ‘light’ again but I was in the grocery store waiting in an inexorably long line that trickled into Aisle 1, and I saw it. Prune juice. I scooped it into my already full hands and waited…and waited…and waited…for 15 minutes!

plums-prune juice-sunsweetAnyway, I got home and just put it in the refridgerator still contemplating whether I wanted to taste it. I finally tried it two days later and….it worked fast! I drank 6-8oz and one hour later, my tummy was rumbling.

The moral of the story isn’t about my digestive tract but rather the wonderful real-time benefits of prune juice (feeling lighter) and the longer terms benefits (improved digestion and preventing chronic diseases).

Skip your next juice cleanse...and try this for under $5!

Yay for prunes!!!