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Francesco Russo: A Fetishist to the Sole

Francesco Russo: A Fetishist to the Sole
2014/04/04 Better Blueprint

Sergio Rossi. Costume National. Miu Miu. Yves Saint Laurent.

Self-proclaimed “shoe fetishist”, Francesco Russo creates truly sexy footwear. Are you familiar with the iconic YSL “Tribute”? Well he designed that….

ysl - yves saint laurent - tribute

As the designer of women’s footwear for Dior, the 39-year-old launched his namesake label last September on Paris’ Rue de Valois.

Having seen some of his renderings (see above), I am anxiously anticipating how I can scoop a pair of these new “classics” like the R026. “It looks like your average heel from afar, but a closer view reveals a multitude of 5 mm leather strips stitched together by hand.” (Marie Claire, April 2014)



I can’t wait…..

Be on the lookout for Francesco Russo!

Sergio Rossi - YSL - Tribute