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  • Aug272015
    Francesco Russo, shoes, Ruben booties

    Shoe Designer: Francesco Russo

    He’s been designing shoes for over 20 years Originally from Puglia (Italy) – born in 1974 He’s responsible for creating…

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  • Apr042014

    Francesco Russo: A Fetishist to the Sole

    Sergio Rossi. Costume National. Miu Miu. Yves Saint Laurent. Self-proclaimed “shoe fetishist”, Francesco Russo creates truly sexy footwear. Are you…

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  • Nov032011

    Manly Inspiration

    Dwayne Wade is the I thought it would be great style inspiration! We're loving the layering of the fitted…

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  • Aug182011

    Yves Saint Laurent: Fall 2011 Collection

    Yves Saint Laurent I love the modern, updated classic look and feel of Yves Saint Laurent's fall ready-to-wear collection.  It's…

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  • Aug112011

    Louboutin vs. YSL: Who Wins?! Who Loses?

    Forget Pacquiao vs. Mosley, the fight of the decade is Louboutin vs. YSL.  Boring, gory details are here, but we've provided…

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  • Mar122011

    6 Things We Want to Share This Week

    The fashion accessory for your eyes right now is definitely cat-eye sunglasses.  This retro feline eyewear trend is actually very…

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  • Dec022009

    Designer of the Week: Christian Dior

    Just a wonderful man with so much to give in terms of fashion and style -- whose trademark is simply…

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  • Nov062009

    Designer Dynamo: Tom Ford

    There are not enough American designers who make it BIG and who continue to evolve their style while maintaining the…

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