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Designer of the Week: Christian Dior

Designer of the Week: Christian Dior
2009/12/02 Maya H.

Just a wonderful man with so much to give in terms of fashion and style -- whose trademark is simply everything "classy".  Here are some fashion facts for the fashion-forward fashionista:

  • Christian DiorChristian Dior was born in Normandy, France in 1905 and not from humble beginnings
  • Among his professions and trades, Christian studied political science and was a war veteran
  • To make money, he sold his sketches on the streets for about 10 cents each!
  • In 1946, Dior opened his own house with the backing of Marcel Boussac, a textile manufacturer
  • In his earlier years, Dior's hat designs were more popular than his dress designs!
  • Amidst the backdrop of an austere post-war France, Dior created opulent clothing that was characterized by rounded shoulders, a cinched waist, and a very full skirt
  • Dior is known as the 'last great dictator of style"....coined in the 1950s partially because each collection during that period had a signature theme - classic suits, ballerina-length skirts, the H-line in 1954, and the A- and Y-lines in 1955
  • Woohoo Dior!  He is credited with re-establishing Paris as the center of fashion!
  • All about business....he and partner, Jaques Rouet, pioneered license agreements in the fashion industry
  • Christian hired Yves Saint Laurent in 1953 as an assistant
  • How the lineage goes: it started with Christian Dior who, upon an untimely death, passes it to Yves Saint Laurent who after being called to military duty passes it to Marc Bohan who passed it to Gianfranco Ferre in 1989 and finally to John Galliano
  • House of Dior is credited with the introduction of the trapeze dress which was part of Yves Saint Laurent's first collection
  • Trademark look/essence: a romantic and feminine look that emphasizes luxury rather than comfortDior
  • Interesting fact (kinda): there are rumors surrounding his death including that he died of a heart attack after playing cards, or choking on a fish bone....and after a strenuous sexual encounter!