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Handbag Shuffle

Handbag Shuffle
2015/01/01 Better Blueprint
Vogue Paris, September 1967

Vogue Paris, September 1967

I have quite a few handbags especially clutches because I have a belief that they are always useful whether to dress up a casual look, to hold small tidbits, or for travel.

Similar to shoes, handbags can be transformational to an outfit. The perfect leopard print bag can bring together the disparate parts of a pair of black pants and a camel sweater; or a cute aubergine and navy clutch sets off a pair of dark rinse denim and navy tee.

That said, I needed to inventory what I had and what, if anything, I would be looking for in 2015. After much ado, I don't think there's anything I'm looking for in the foreseeable future ~ keep in mind, I just added a GORG vintage navy blue eel skin handbag from Nomad Yard.

I'm done for now. I've got my favorites: my navy vintage Chloe chain bag, my vintage denim clutch by Celine, my gold foldover by Clare Vivier, my pewter python metallic clutch by Kaia Peterka, and my black gold chain Sophie Hulme.

So what's next?!

My fingers crossed that my girlfriends don't 'hold my feet to the fire' just in case I find something I like...

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