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  • Apr282016

    Six Must-See Movies For Fashion Lovers

    Do you love fashion? Are you as committed to the cause as the fashionista next to you? If so, then…

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  • Jan012015

    Handbag Shuffle

    I have quite a few handbags especially clutches because I have a belief that they are always useful whether to…

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  • Sep112013

    What to Know About the Spring 2014 Fashion Season

    Very few sources will give you the "real" skinny on what you need to know for the Spring 2014 fashion…

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  • Nov262012

    They Say It’s A Man’s World

    Menswear-inspired suits. And if you paid attention to the resurgence of menswear, you'd agree. So, can you do it? All…

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  • Sep102012

    Animal Instincts Under $120

    Do you love animal prints as much as the next girl? If so, Vogue gathered some great finds ~ all…

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  • Jan072012

    6 Things We Want To Share This Week

    {photo from} We're in the countdown phase of Blueprint for Style's facelift & Botox ~ only 7 days left!…

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  • Jul302011

    6 Things We Want to Share This Week

    Definitely an interesting read, Grace Coddington's memoir has been sold to Random House for $1.2 million reportedly and will include her early…

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  • Aug042010

    Who Wears the Pants Anyway?

    Vogue's Editors show their picks for fall pants...all in line with the seventies. Blueprint for Style agrees with just about…

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  • Mar292010

    Spring has Sprung!

    Look what's coming to Blueprint for Style in APRIL: Sequins during the day .... unheard of! Too Many Mags to…

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