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2015 Aspirations

2015 Aspirations
2014/12/31 Better Blueprint
Pat Cleveland, Peter Lindbergh, Vogue, cover photo

Pat Cleveland photographed by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia, March 1981

So here were 2014's Goals & Intentions....

This year's aspirations are about financial freedom, style curation (of course), and focus.....

  1. Three spend-free months (no clothing or accessories): January, June, and November
  2. Reduce debt by $10,000: I have accumulated debt for my business as well as personal debt but it's debt nonetheless and I don't like it
  3. Spring cleaning for the blog: April will be a site overhaul
  4. Clothing conversation transformed: still in love with my navy, camel and red theme. The BIG addition this year will be the focus on beautiful prints. They're harder to come by and more costly but a few fan pieces will go a long way
  5. Tech-lite: I was doing good for a while and then fell off so I'm re-upping on Sundays as no business emails, no social media. Phone and texting only!
  6. Book time: two hours a week until June and then let's see where I am...
  7. Giveaway more: in the form of blog giveaways, I want to do one giveaway per month (I'm planning now) so stay tuned
  8. Clients are the best: my clients are awesome and I want them to know it! All of my top clients will receive a special gift right before the holidays....(and I think I know what it is already!!)
  9. Check-in: the last day of the month will include one hour of resolution check-in to make sure I'm doing what needs to be done, or revamping to make it right
  10. Giving back feels good: every quarter I want to choose an organization to give back to however small the donation...just something. I think I'll use Daily Do Good to choose!
  11. Reading: I'm okay continuing to purchase books and to be part of Elle Magazine's Readers' Choice but I'm committed to reading two books per month....of books I already have!
  12. T-shirts: I'm going to toss all but 25 tees (fingers crossed because I'm not sure how I'm going to make this happen). I did this one today!!!!! I'm down to about 40 so, stay tuned. Check out the "before" picture below.
  13. Clothing reduction: this won't happen immediately but sooner rather than later, I am going to begin removing items that I like but don't love...I was inspired by Stylizimio's Nina - her closet is awesome! I'd like to get down to 75/100 pieces - that will be a W.I.P. [work in progress]

Note: for the t-shirt reduction, I removed anything I love but may have been a little tight (smh), anything with a hole however small, tees I hadn't rocked in the last six months, and anything that had a duplicate that looked better! Great start!!

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