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  • Jan022019

    My 2019 Theme

    I started talking about new year's resolutions and getting rid of them in my newsletter so this is just a…

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  • Dec312014
    Pat Cleveland, Peter Lindbergh, Vogue, cover photo

    2015 Aspirations

    So here were 2014's Goals & Intentions.... This year's aspirations are about financial freedom, style curation (of course), and focus.....…

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  • Jan062014

    2014 Goals & Intentions

    My word for 2014 is VALUE! Whether that means to value what I have, to not take something for granted,…

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  • Dec192013
    closed for the holidays

    Closed Until The New Year

    We have a few more tidbits to share before the year closes out but, by and large, we're shuttin' it…

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  • Dec232009

    Party Like a Rock Star, Dress Like a Princess

    Every rockstar worth their smashed guitar dresses the part so, you are no different when it comes to the last…

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