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My 2019 Theme

My 2019 Theme
2019/01/02 Better Blueprint

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I started talking about new year's resolutions and getting rid of them in my newsletter so this is just a continuation....

In hopes that it helps someone do more and feel better in 2019!

For the last few years, I've gotten away from "resolutions" and have jumped on the "theme" bandwagon - as a way to focus my actions throughout the year but also because my work as an entrepreneur meant blending work and personal - and the lists were getting too long!!

So my 2019 theme is "pivoting". Doesn't seem like much huh? But it's about my need to (1) move from where I am to someplace new, and (2) the ability to change direction with a [simple] turn.

What does "pivoting" look like?

  • I travel for pleasure (at least five or six trips/year) so it's using those trips to create "office hours" in different cities to connect with clients and do quick style meetups!
  • I love sharing style insights for professionals so it's planning a collaboration on LinkedIn and creating regular style updates on that platform
  • People always ask how I got started so it's executing on my new style coffee table book for 2019
  • I'm a firm believer in 'less is more' so it's thinking through how to help people create closets that are capsule collections and more minimalist (we all repeat the same clothes anyway)
  • Clients always want complete looks so it's working with Nordstrom to create individual style boards + creating an offering that makes head-to-toe looks for clients every week (no one wants pieces, they want entire looks!)

You get the picture?!

It's starting where I am with what I have ~ and implementing a little turn on the axis to get someplace new.

I'm ready to pivot in 2019.

What about you?