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Spice Up Your Health With Ginger

Spice Up Your Health With Ginger
2016/02/02 Better Blueprint

ginger honey crystals

I'm a recent ginger convert....thanks in part to my girlfriend, Jodi, who puts it in any drink we have (I think she thinks I don't notice....) and after reading all of the health benefits.

One of my foci for 2016 is my health including eating a little better, getting some exercise in at least twice a week, and nixing a few bad habits from the repertoire.

I added ginger in the form of these ginger honey crystals -- it's like spice and sweetness had a baby plus look at all of these health bennys......

  1. Bolsters your body's immune system
  2. Reduces morning sickness
  3. Reduces muscle discomfort
  4. +7 more - read here

And if you love the monogram mug then run to Anthrolpologie - they're limited edition!