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4 Must-Haves Under $50 for Summer

4 Must-Haves Under $50 for Summer
2017/06/12 Better Blueprint

Every summer you'll get this list and plus-or-minus it doesn't change less a quick switch with something that is more sunscreen. This summer's list of must-haves is easy: a simple tee, handheld bag, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

The simple tee: for me, there's nothing "simple" about it because I like color so mine is a vintage/destroyed tee or sleeveless u-neck so I can keep cool.


The handheld bag: this is because that quick run to the coffee shop or walk around the block or jaunt downstairs for drinks with your beau on a vacay [I've been here!] shouldn't be a production.


Sunscreen: burning isn't actually fact, it means you've managed to damage the epidermis layer of your skin. I like to keep-it-simple so one solution that can work on my body and face (very important!!) is a WINNING COMBO!


The sunglasses: I don't care for the reflective ones but 'to each his own'. The options are endless and while they can cost a mint, the cheapies are the best because they equal freedom from worry!