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  • Jul132020

    repurpose 4 pieces to work-from-home

    A BIG thank you to NBC News for sharing my styling insights via their Know Your Value initiative! There are…

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  • Apr302020

    an essential fall wardrobe, fishbone blazer

    I have been fighting sanity while on lockdown and part of that is done by patiently watching the sales and…

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  • Apr022018

    9 things I’m in love with for spring

    You know I'm not into #selfies or taking pics of myself but I can still share some fabulous pieces! Over…

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  • Sep292017

    best sweaters from old navy (for everyone)!

    Fall means cooler temps. Fall means layering. Fall means sweaters. I found some fabulous options at Old Navy for under…

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  • Aug022017

    vintage t-shirt haven

    I'm always in search of cool, vintage-y style t-shirts and I found a few great ones here at & Other…

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  • Jul282017

    one way or another, a one-shoulder striped top

    The original J.W. Anderson version (pictured below) escaped me when it surfaced a while ago which is probably good because…

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  • Jul262017

    short cut: classic white shirt

    This could be my new favorite white shirt. It's made of poplin so not quite as stiff as your typical…

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  • Jun122017

    4 Must-Haves Under $50 for Summer

    Every summer you'll get this list and plus-or-minus it doesn't change less a quick switch with something that is more…

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  • Dec152016
    zara t-shirt

    Re-building My T-shirt Collection

    I'm continuing to build my t-shirt collection and I happened upon this cool one from Zara - it's dark grey…

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  • Dec142016

    A YSL-esque Blazer

    Let me repeat for the record: J.Crew has fallen off a little bit BUT they still have some great pieces…

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  • Dec072016
    j.crew t-shirt

    Curating a T-shirt Collection

    I just did a massive dump of most of my tees because I realized they weren't what I really wanted.…

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  • Sep092016

    Ruffled Blouse

    Tooling around one of my favorite websites to waste time, H&M, and I found this ruffled blouse...and I scooped it…

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  • Aug262016

    Fall Prep

    I don’t even really want to talk about it but such is life….fall officially starts September 22nd so it seems…

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  • Jul132016

    Drama & Prints Simultaneously

    All summer and for the last six months at least, I've been preaching about adding prints as a way to…

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  • Mar232016

    Three Warm-Weather Essentials

    Does anyone else sit around and think of various looks for functions or events....that haven't actually happened or that you…

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  • Dec142015

    A Craving I Can’t Afford…

    It's a "twofer": a peplum top with made of leopard print! For those that can afford to scoop it: Giambattista…

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  • Sep252015

    Ready for the Weekend: Campfire Gear

    Although summer is my favorite season, fall runs a close second....mostly for the colors and the ability to create luxe…

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  • Jul222015
    madewell, paris amour tee, t shirt, graphic tee

    My Secret Pursuit: Graphic Tees

    Well let me be more specific because it's not just a t-shirt with writing on it..... I'm looking for those…

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  • Apr292015

    Spring Must Haves: White Tees

    First, EDIT your white tees that are no longer white, have holes, yellow armpits, stretched beyond recognition, or are not…

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  • Apr152015

    Spring Must Haves: Print Blouses

    It's the time to add color with prints, patterns, and texture but finding great print tops …

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  • Jan132015

    T-Shirt Trauma

    There are tons of things I could be talking about or you could be thinking of when you read the…

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  • Dec092014

    Shawl Collar Cardigan

    There are a few essential sweaters every woman wants in her winter wardrobe (about six types). The one I love…

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  • Nov142014

    Quintessential White Shirt

    What's one of the items that you'd miss immediately if it were gone?? [Hint: look at the title of this…

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  • Jul252014
    metallic jacket, H&M

    Friday Buy-Day: Metallic Finish Jacket

    Have you ever found yourself ready to head to a party or a function that isn't actually formal but you…

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  • Jun162014

    Quinessential White Tee

    It's basic, necessary, irreplaceable, versatile, and comes in all shapes and sizes. It's likely one of the first items you…

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