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9 things I’m in love with for spring

9 things I’m in love with for spring
2018/04/02 Better Blueprint
In Bottoms, Style, Tops

You know I'm not into #selfies or taking pics of myself but I can still share some fabulous pieces! Over the next few days, I'll share my nine favorite items....

Today is ALL about the new perfect tee....! Doing a few Wizards games and Kennedy Center concerts [love Common!], my standard uniform is a pair of jeans or cool camo pants + a t-shirt + a layering jacket = it's comfortable but appropriate!

So the hunt for a perfect tee has been serious! The results are two brands that are reasonably priced + perfect mix of fit and relaxation = Splendid! Try one layered under a weekend jacket and your "cool" factor just increased exponentially!

Stay tuned for my other spring favorites....