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five travel essentials

five travel essentials
2019/03/09 Better Blueprint

I'll keep it simple because whether you're a travel OG or newbie, there are some items that you'll find incredibly helpful and, dare I say, almost essential....

  1. beauty bag ~ [guys need this too] depending on the length of the flight, something to keep the moisture in your face, moisturizer/SPF in one [it's clear so no ashiness], an all-in-one makeup solution, and a moisturizer that works for any body part ----> the theme for travel is moisture retention!
  2. overnight bag ~ while I find this to be a MUST HAVE for guy's, it's equally as useful for ladies. This one by Everlane is a winner for color options, price, carry comfort, and size!
  3. sanitizer ~ the ONE sanitizer that travels with me is by Jao because it does triple duty as a zit zapper, face refresher and, yes, sanitizer because it's got all of these natural ingredients....
  4. t-shirts ~ I preach [and pound] the benefits of a great tee because the right one means you can wear it solo, layered under a blazer for work, under a button down for warmth, and even as a cover-up for your beach foray. Guys these tech smart tees are your answer.
  5. travel shoes ~ I accept that everyone requires comfort but at least make your footwear awesome and versatile enough to go from airport to dinner to daytime excursion to casual work. The answer for guys is The Royale by Greats and or ladies it's The Day Glove by Everlane.

Again, the list can continue but having these as your starting point guarantees that you'll be ready to roll whenever the ticket is purchased!