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7 must-haves items for post-pandemic travel

7 must-haves items for post-pandemic travel
2020/12/09 Better Blueprint

I am in the camp of not traveling life sometimes does, we are thrust into the moment! During this pandemic, I've had to fly a few times and now convinced that these seven items are essential to staying safe and sane during your post-pandemic travels!

  1. hand wipes
  2. hand sanitizer
  3. mask (and maybe a back-up or two)
  4. scarf ~ go wild with this but it's always good to have something between you and the seat/headrest, or to provide another layer of protection!
  5. tech wipes
  6. super emollient lotion - with the amount of hand sanitizer we're using, dry hands are inevitable (and works wonders on dry skin for your face too!)
  7. door opener - avoid touching the doors and typing on unwashed keypads, etc