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  • Dec092020
    The gatapack is a face mask with replaceable filters

    7 must-haves items for post-pandemic travel

    I am in the camp of not traveling life sometimes does, we are thrust into the moment! During this…

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  • Mar112015

    Top 5 Travel Products

    After 42 hours, 37K feet (x 2), 3 countries, 82+ degrees and 90+ in the daytime, I settled in at…

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  • Feb082014
    we are owls-scarf-cashmere-

    We Are Owls. Whose Scarf?

    The brand is We Are Owls. The printed cashmere and silk scarf is on sale at The Outnet now (through…

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  • Nov252013
    Zara, plaid, scarf

    Holiday Fun: Zara Plaid Scarf

    Oh the holidays aren't truly the holidays without sporting something plaid. And since I receive Glitter (from fellow style blogger…

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  • Mar152012

    Red Accessory

    One of my accent colors for this season (and last season BTW) is red, but I've found it difficult to…

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  • Mar222010

    Super Chic, Super Cheap…Scarf

    Whether you're indoors and they're blasting the A/C, or you're on a plane on the fella next to you just…

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  • Oct302009

    Must-Have Scarf

    Men bring in winter with these dull camel or black scarves...why?  I'm not suggesting that they wear pink but, just…

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