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Top 5 Travel Products

Top 5 Travel Products
2015/03/11 Better Blueprint


After 42 hours, 37K feet (x 2), 3 countries, 82+ degrees and 90+ in the daytime, I settled in at my hotel and slept harder than you could possibly imagine. I also had a chance to go back and see what items I found indispensable and I have five products that I will never travel without. Learn from my angst...

  1. Kleenex splash 'n go moist wipes - sometimes you just don't know when you'll see fresh water and sometimes you're just too tired to get there so these wipes are perfect. With aloe and E, they can be used on your face/neck and to clean the tray a pinch!
  2. infinity scarf - whether you're cold or warm natured, a scarf is a great must-have; in Dubai, it works to cover up the head if desired, on the plane it provides warmth or a barrier to your seatmate; and moving through the air-conditioned airport, it provides warmth
  3. Jao refresher - I used this before the trip and loved it, and now I love it even more. It's an all natural hand sanitizer that doubles as a facial spritz....I'm almost out (sad face)
  4. phone charger - not just any charger but this one is cool because you get a full charge and hen some but also because you can charge your phone while it's pulled in which means you're charging the charger for later and your phone right now!
  5. tank top - going from cold airplanes to sun to airports to heat took it's toll on my clothes but without my trusty tank top, I fear I may not have been able to stay warm and get cool when necessary

Think through your five travel must-haves and share them....I imagine we'll have one or two in common, if not more.