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  • Dec102015

    Great Gift Options Under $50

    Christmas should not be about giving gifts but enjoying the season and the reason! With that in mind, my posts are focused…

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  • May282015

    Make Your Photos Ubiquitous

    Ever snapped a photo and thought, "Everyone should see this!"? Well now they can...using the Polaroid Zip! Polaroid zip is…

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  • Mar112015

    Top 5 Travel Products

    After 42 hours, 37K feet (x 2), 3 countries, 82+ degrees and 90+ in the daytime, I settled in at…

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  • Mar042013

    Irrefutable Fact: Men Love Tech

    You know it's true! Even if these aren't tech-savvy, men love gadgets and are always looking for a techy shortcut…

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