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problem: I’ve got to go back to work but not sure what I need

problem: I’ve got to go back to work but not sure what I need
2020/08/10 Better Blueprint
In Style, Style Tips

Problem: After 100+ days of living in sweats/leggings, I've got to go back to work (3 days/week) but I'm not even sure what I need to wear or have in my closet.

Solution: Easing back into your kinda everyday work life after living in leggings/sweats + tee can be touch! You can do it in 7 steps!!

  1. [Sounds crazy but...start showering everyday and getting up at a decent hour]
  2. Pick-up your drycleaningit's been 100+ days and you never know what gems you may have there!
  3. Add a sharp, new shirt into your rotation - it's hot/humid outside so just keep it to one awesome layer! This one for ladies [maybe get two...] and this one for men.
  4. Get comfy shoes since you've been barefoot or in flip flops for months. [men] + [women]
  5. [Ladies] Add 10 minutes back into your morning routine for makeup application. Read this article!!
  6. Perhaps because of global warming, get a pair of sweat-wicking bottoms for men + women
  7. Invest in a fashionable mask that says you're a team player but also believes that style hasn't died!

This will get you started and out the door looking like you never skipped a beat during the 100+ days of downtime!