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  • Aug102020

    problem: I’ve got to go back to work but not sure what I need

    Problem: After 100+ days of living in sweats/leggings, I've got to go back to work (3 days/week) but I'm not…

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  • Aug072020

    problem: do I need bottoms for video conferences?

      Problem: I'm doing video conferences almost everyday but do I have to put on bottoms or dress up below…

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  • Jul272020

    problem: I’ve been dressing for a pandemic for 4 months

    Problem: pandemic + I haven't bothered to 'dress for success'! Solution: start small but be decisive! If you're living on…

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  • Jan072019

    i hate yoga

    It's true ~ I hate yoga! Ask any of my girlfriends and they'll gladly share my philosophy on yoga....not for…

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  • Jan252013

    Fashionable Fitness Bits n Bots

    It's winter and, if you're like me, you have to battle your inner demons along with the outside temperatures to…

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  • Jul212012

    Week 2 – #BodyReboot

    Julia and I are closing out week two and we're starting to see some progress & feel less movement! Biker…

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  • Jul142012

    Body Reboot – Week 1

    I’m here – and that’s a start. And so is Julia! We survived the first week of seven classes across…

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  • Jul082012

    30-Day Fitness Frenzy

    I admit it – my body isn’t what it used to be. Not that I was ever in competition for…

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