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Week 2 – #BodyReboot

Week 2 – #BodyReboot
2012/07/21 Better Blueprint

Julia and I are closing out week two and we're starting to see some progress & feel less movement! Biker Barre is helping Julia and I stay true to our goal of rebooting our body and fitness routine. This week we did 10 classes (6 Ride, 4 Barre) and next week promises much of the same (8 classes in total) except.....I am out of town for two days. the plan is to do a double on Monday, pack my jumprope and new sneakers (Mizuno Wave Rider) to bust out a run, and then hightail it home to get my Wednesday evening classes.

The corporate training I conducted in Philadelphia this week means I missed my early morning class with Gabriella (she's a BEAST!) and was in such a rush when I left home that I didn't pack my jumprope (thus I missed a day). But I did an early morning class on Tuesday and evening classes on Wednesday (I'm SO committed!). Let me say that my Wednesday evening Ride with Katie (she's the owner) was pure delightful hell.....she danced as we rode and she kept pushing us to go harder!!

Here's what I can say thus far:

  • my butt feels tighter {some of that may be numbness or plain butt fatigue}
  • my eating is better - not great but better!
  • I'm up to 1:10 on the jumprope (and then 15 second break - 45 seconds - 15 second break - 45 seconds)
  • My sleeping is much more sound {again this could be because I'm exhausted}

Julia promised a treat for this hard work and mine will needs to be this Lululemon dance studio jacket ~ great for rainy days, as I continue my workout into the cool fall, and of course for Saturday morning breakfast/coffee runs!

Lululemon Dance Studio Jacket