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i hate yoga

i hate yoga
2019/01/07 Better Blueprint

It's true ~ I hate yoga! Ask any of my girlfriends and they'll gladly share my philosophy on yoga....not for me!

When I started walking last summer (and losing weight), it was cool because it was sunny outside. Now that it's 30 degrees, the motivation to continue has decreased...significantly so I am using every weapon in my arsenal to maintain my gains.

Understand that fitness is sexy and being stylish is sexy so fitness is stylish ~ an easy math equation! And multiple studies indicate that looking good when you workout is motivation to continue working out.

On Friday, I couldn't sleep so I woke up and headed to Pilates class at Reformation Fitness ~ and then came home to order a new Down For It All Pullover. And I'm not stopping there...

Here are some of the items I've scooped across the last week including metallic leggings, waterproof pullovers, sexy low-impact tops (I only do Pilates, barre and [solidcore]), and more.

I'm ready to have fitness as part of my style statement, are you?

As an edgy, feminine chic chiquita, I aspire to have workout gear that goes from class to brunch - what about you?