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  • Jun052020

    11 goals for 2020

    I started off 2020 with great intentions as did many of you. There have been some derailments, to say the…

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  • Jan072019

    i hate yoga

    It's true ~ I hate yoga! Ask any of my girlfriends and they'll gladly share my philosophy on yoga....not for…

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  • Jan012018

    couples new year’s resolutions

    Resolutions don't always have to be about you....try focusing on you and someone else like a loved one. If you're…

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  • Jan082012

    Interview Savvy: Presenting The Best You

    The start of the year means, for some, the start of a "new you". That can include a new diet,…

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  • Jan052012

    Non-New Year’s Resolutions #6 – 32

    It's the new year, so while I don't fully subscribe to "new year's resolutions" there are certain certainties we should…

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  • Jan012012

    New Year’s Resolution #1: Get Organized

    Moda Operandi is featuring Phillip Lim's 31 Hour Bag Collection. While not available for sale in the stores yet, we…

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  • Dec292009

    How to Approach 2010 with New Eyes on Old Rubbish

    2009 is fastly coming to a close yet, for many of us, we are taking most of our old 2009…

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