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How to Approach 2010 with New Eyes on Old Rubbish

How to Approach 2010 with New Eyes on Old Rubbish
2009/12/29 Maya H.

2009 is fastly coming to a close yet, for many of us, we are taking most of our old 2009 duds and rubbish into 2010 but expecting something different to appear.

There's no way we can 'hope' for something new using the same old ways, thoughts, beliefs, actions, and attitudes.  Blueprint for Style is however taking the lead on 'trying' something new for 2010 using old 2009 rubbish only as a stepping stone!

Blueprint for Style readers will see the following changes unfold in 2010:

  • "Dear Blueprint...Need Help" will be going away -- perhaps because of my excellent tutelage or simply because my readers are already so style-savvy, not enough questions were submitted
  • "Next Hauteness" will make its debut -- Blueprint for Style's objective has been to share what is currently stylish and sophisticated but, we're going a step further.  We'll begin combing resources to share what will be stylish and sophisticated..we correctly tuned in to purple and grey as hot colors; the use of chains and embellishments to spice up your closets; the return of timeless chic (even as the proverbial "they" was telling us to throw caution to the wind); and which sales were actually worth your time!  Look for our ahead-of-the-curve thinking to continue in 2010
  • Contests will change -- we have quite a storehouse of terrific items to share including more gift cards, fashion compilations and publications, feverishly stylish handbags, etc but to get them, we'll require your help in spreading the good word about Blueprint for StyleMost contests will be tied to your ability to cheerfully bring along a fashionable friend or drag a style-sourpuss to the light!!
  • "Designers of the Week" MUST continue -- part of Blueprint for Style's mission is to educate people on fashion, style, trends, and the differences.  A large part of that starts in understanding who created what trend, which designer is known for what style, and the likes!
  • "Splurge & Save" will be introduced -- sounds like an oxymoron, right?  Well, Blueprint for Style will be focusing on items that are timeless classics that should be added to your wardrobe....and, in a parallel universe, we'll be showing how to achieve a somewhat similar look for less!
  • "Steals & Deals" will continue -- but we'll try to do it in one uber-post versus as we receive and vet them so you can simply head to that post and get the sale-skinny.  I emphasize try because sometimes timing doesn't work the way we want it to (we have pull but not that much....yet)!

Blueprint for Style is taking all of its 2009 learnings and using it as the seed for growth in 2010.  We'll be doing more events in conjunction with other style and fashion stalwarts so, stay focused on the UPCOMING EVENTS section right sidebar!  We have lots of ideals floating around so you may see more as the year unfolds but, as always, Please Please Please contribute and share your comments and feedback -- it's the only way we can get new eyes and fresh perspectives!