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  • Dec172015

    And Three More Gifts Under $50!

    Maybe you're already thinking about New Years Eve....(and if you're like me then you're keeping it low-key) or just need…

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  • Dec192013
    new year eve outfit, cocoafab, holiday look

    CocoaFab: Look Glam For Three Holiday Affairs

    Cocoafab featured four fabulous looks by Blueprint for Style for three holiday affairs: Christmas Eve at church, Christmas dinner with…

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  • Dec262012

    New Year’s Eve Night On The Town

    I'm not planning to do any special outings but, if you're doing any host of high-priced, overcrowded events then you…

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  • Dec292009

    How to Approach 2010 with New Eyes on Old Rubbish

    2009 is fastly coming to a close yet, for many of us, we are taking most of our old 2009…

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  • Dec282009

    New Years Partying Calls for a Clutch

    No handbag or shoulder need to have room to carry just enough (lipstick, breath mints, cellular, blotting paper &…

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  • Dec232009

    Party Like a Rock Star, Dress Like a Princess

    Every rockstar worth their smashed guitar dresses the part so, you are no different when it comes to the last…

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