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Non-New Year’s Resolutions #6 – 32

Non-New Year’s Resolutions #6 – 32
2012/01/05 Better Blueprint

It's the new year, so while I don't fully subscribe to "new year's resolutions" there are certain certainties we should all be resolved to do in the new year:

  • #6: (remember the movie Mommy Dearest...with Joan Crawford) I promise "no more wire hangers!"
  • #7: I promise to commit to one print (leopard, snakeskin, zebra, floral) in your wardrobe
  • #8: I promise to fold not hang ALL knits (including sweaters, knit dresses, etc)
  • #9: I promise to use my handbag only as a handbag, not a tote!
  • #10: I promise to purge every season...believe me, you'll get more
  • #11: I promise to profit from my greed ~ and donate unused and/or old items
  • #12: I promise to resole my favorite shoes at least once a year (
  • #13: I promise to winterize my leather footwear (
  • #14: I promise to remove all shirts with yellow stains in the armpits
  • #15: I promise to look longer and leaner ~ by wearing straight leg pants
  • #16: I promise to mix up my metalware (gold, silver, platinum)
  • #17: I promise to learn how-to walk in heels (video lesson)
  • #18: I promise to use at least one teeny, weeny, tiny bit of color with your outfit
  • #19: I promise to laugh at anyone who laughs at me for feeling good about myself
  • #20: I promise to remember that style is really about being 'intentional'...even if that means you're intentionally looking a little shabby chic some days
  • #21: I promise to mix black and navy blue in unexpected ways (they do it all the time in the Navy)
  • #22: I promise to wear the size that fits....even if it is mismarked "10" when it's likely a "6"
  • #23: I promise to consider 'cost per use' versus price when running around the store to grab everything that is marked $9.99
  • #24: I promise to buy a new wallet if my current wallet is being held together by a rubber band or other such aids
  • #25: I promise to remove the plastic bags from my drycleaning before putting it in the closet
  • #26: I promise to pack only that which I can lift (unassisted) into the overhead bin
  • #27: I promise to leave harem pants in 2011
  • #28: I promise to layer more because it saves money and creates more options
  • #29: I promise to invest in foundational wardrobe items....even if it isn't as much fun shopping for them
  • #30: I promise to always travel with a white button down because it's wonderfully versatile
  • #31: I promise to dress for where I want to be, not where I am
  • #32: I promise to remember when thinking about being over- or under- dressed, it's just best to be dressed appropriately!