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Body Reboot – Week 1

Body Reboot – Week 1
2012/07/14 Better Blueprint

I’m here – and that’s a start. And so is Julia! We survived the first week of seven classes across six days (four riding, three barre) at Biker Barre. I'm in love with Biker Barre ~ it's not only the actual location which is clean and chic, but its the instructors who are ALL rock stars (Stephen - the "Ballet Czar" Barre; Katie - the dancing Ride monster; Gabriela - just a Ride BEAST; and Erin - the sweet-as-pie, Barre buster).

Did I mention that I also incorporated two minutes of jumprope every day (and downloaded the Rocky Theme Song for additional inspiration), and running three times per week? I’m serious about this “body reboot”. This week we’ve got 12 classes lined up (seven riding, five barre) across seven days which means five days we’ll be doing back-to-backs. I think Julia is doing her yoga so, although there will be NO pictures released we'll continue to keep a watchful eye on our love handles and more-than-desired midsections.

I have noticed an increase in my appetite, a more solemn slumber (on days where I'm not restless thinking about getting up at 5am so I don't miss spinning), and I’m itching to get to the beach with five girlfriends in two weeks to show off my [partially] rebooted body!

My {first} treat for this 30 day fitness frenzy was the Gather & Crow crop from Lululemon. And yes, as soon as I got it, I removed two older (uglier) pieces from my closet because it’s absolutely about looking good and feeling good. I've committed to adding one or two pieces a month so by the end of September I'll be looking luscious and feeling good.