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Fashion News: Hugo Boss Is Gone

Fashion News: Hugo Boss Is Gone
2012/07/13 Better Blueprint

Well the real truth is it's not all of Hugo Boss but rather their top-of-the-line Boss Selection line that is being folded into the Boss core brand. Remember Boss has - Boss Black {upscale, modern}, Boss Orange {urban cool}, Boss Green {sportswear}, and Hugo {contemporary line}.

What does that mean for you and why should you care? If you don't own or have never aspired to wear any of their made to measure suits then this doesn't affect you. If you're headed to Paris, Beijing, London or Taipei and think you're going to scoop some Boss Selection - think again! If you're a Hugo Boss suit wearer then this means you'll now have more selection and likely a slightly higher price tag.

Lahrs, chief executive officer and chairman of the Hugo Boss board, says the move "underscores the luxury and premium standards of our core brand, Boss,” and would contribute to a clearer global Boss brand image. Translation: we want to do a bit of consolidation and think the upscale price point of the Boss Selection label will lend itself to higher overall pricing. Indeed, in April, the company reported that first-quarter sales for the Boss Black brand rose 13% while Selection sales jumped 45%.

You do the math...