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30-Day Fitness Frenzy

30-Day Fitness Frenzy
2012/07/08 Better Blueprint

I admit it – my body isn’t what it used to be. Not that I was ever in competition for Ms. America or “Video Girl of the Year”, but things were tighter back then. Somewhere amidst the transition from corporate tether to on-my-grustle-24-7, I fell off the healthy living bandwagon.

And now I’m making my ‘last stand’…..everything you read regarding health, healthy living, fitness, getting in shape, etc tells you that it’s easier to “maintain” than to “get in shape”. One of my bestie soul sisters has coaxed me into a 30-day fitness frenzy with talk of “tighter” this and “better fitting” that.

The backbone of our 30 day plan will be a short-term membership to Biker Barre in Capitol Hill. I had gone before and done a back-to-back 60-minute Open Barre class and then a 45-minute Ride class; and kinda feel in love…and then fell off.

But I’m back – thanks to Julia and we’re going to make the most of our 30-day, $125 membership to jumpstart our bodies, or perhaps just whip them into submission. The first week, which kicks off July 9th, will consist of four riding classes and three barre classes – one day will be back-to-back barre and riding class.

I’ll let you know what the first week yields and what the second week promises in seven days.

Stay tuned….in the meantime, check out the Biker Barre because it may be the oasis in the desert you’re looking for.