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Style Tips

  • Jun122023
    The Creatives' Closet a style guidebook that show you how to dress better and build your brand and closet

    updating my latest book, the creatives’ closet

    It's happening, slowly! I was trying to think of the best way to do it amidst writing a new book…

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  • Jun072023

    guess what wardrobe item you need this summer?

    Another must-have for busy professionals is a CRISP WHITE SHIRT. Simple, right? Anyone who knows me or any client who…

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  • Jun022023

    the 8 breathable fabrics for hot summer days

    Apparently, El Nino will be 'in the house' this year! If you're unfamiliar, here's a quick refresher: El Niño is…

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  • Jul062022

    Declutter Your Closet

    While you may still be left with a few items you're unsure about, this 10-step Declutter Your Closet Cheat Sheet…

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  • Feb112022

    how your outfits can influence your mood

    The saying is, "You are what you wear!"... or something along those lines! The moment you get dressed in the…

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  • Aug252020

    14 perfect power pieces

    I asked newsletter readers what they needed to know and what I heard was, "I need just…

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  • Aug192020

    post-pandemic back-to-work guide

    We're all looking for easy ways to transition back-to-work whether virtual or #IRL (in real life). This guide provides some…

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  • Aug192020

    problem: my weight is up & down – what do I buy?

    Problem: For whatever reason, my weight fluctuates, so what can I buy regardless of my weight? Solution: Choose wisely +…

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  • Aug162020

    jeans are out. joggers are in.

    So says WaPo, most financial indicators, and 'the streets'! Jean sales have been on the decline for the last five…

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  • Aug132020

    problem: my mask is functional but not cool

    Problem: I'm a 'team player' and using the disposable mask but they don't make me feel stylish. Is there a…

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  • Aug122020

    style guide for working moms

    Working moms lead many lives...not to mention their own so nailing their own personal style can get dismissed! This downloadable…

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  • Aug102020

    problem: I’ve got to go back to work but not sure what I need

    Problem: After 100+ days of living in sweats/leggings, I've got to go back to work (3 days/week) but I'm not…

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  • Jul302020

    problem: i want the perfect white shirt!

    Problem: You've tried sooooo many options but none of the shirts quite meet the 'perfect" standard. What is THE perfect white…

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  • May152020

    my longstanding love affair with denim

    I'm not sure when I came to admit it but I've had a longstanding love affair with denim for as…

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  • Jan122018

    6 items to never buy when money is low

    It's the start of the year and everyone is either thinking about how to dig out of the 'holiday spending'…

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  • Oct252017

    winter is coming!

    Winter is coming!! According to Accuweather and The Farmer's Almanac, this winter is supposed to be super harsh for the…

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  • Oct242017

    4 Keys to Uniform Dressing

    ....continuing from the morning report.... We discussed the first two and here are the remaining two keys to uniform dressing:…

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  • Sep272017
    asymmetric down jacket

    how to layer properly & bulk-free

    There is a key to looking stylish while staying warm and layering.... There are three layers you need to consider:…

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  • Sep252017
    full grain & genuine leather

    a lesson on leather

    So simply put - all leather is not created equally! To keep this education simple, there are four types of…

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  • Jul262017

    short cut: classic white shirt

    This could be my new favorite white shirt. It's made of poplin so not quite as stiff as your typical…

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  • Jul102017

    Beachbound? Must-Have Basics!

    DOWNLOAD this RESOURCE GUIDE! We’re just 3 weeks into summer and if you’re like me, you’ve planned a few beach…

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  • Jun202017

    Little White Dress

    It's summer and one of the easiest ways to keep cool is with lighter colors and moisture-wicking fabrics....enter the little…

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  • Dec102016

    Dress Like A Good Houseguest

    During my trip to Hawaii, I packed my J.Crew nightshirt and decided it was one of the most perfect pieces....and…

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  • Dec082016

    Curated Holiday Gifts: How to Be Beauty-ful!

    Beauty is all about the little niceties that get us to age more gracefully.....which items are your favorite?! The Escentric…

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  • Nov112016

    gift guides for the holiday season

    Tis' the season to start thinking about what to give to whom ~ and this year, Blueprint for Style is…

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