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problem: mask + makeup, do I need both/either?

problem: mask + makeup, do I need both/either?
2020/08/04 Better Blueprint

Problem: I'm starting to head out and everyone is talking about wearing a mask, but if I wear a mask, do I need to wear makeup too?

Solution: Simply put....Yes. Yes. Yes and Yes.

The mask: we're in the midst of a pandemic unless you are by yourself or with individuals you've been quarantining with.....YES, you need a MASK!

The makeup: while it's not necessarily ;life or death', makeup is your new lifeblood to facial recognition! Here is what I have deemed as essentials:

  • mascara: they are not only the windows to the soul but the only way we'll know you. As someone who doesn't have lots to start with, I've found this mascara to be BOMB!
  • blush: when you unmask, keep it looking natural with something that looks like you have a healthy glow (use this - Maui get my vote!) BONUS ---> minimal transfer to your mask!
  • lip color: this is controversial because ladies are thinking they are losing lots of product but minimize the transfer by opting for a lip stain or smudge that absorbs into the lip, and allows for minimal transfer so that when you have "Big Reveal" you still have something to show....
  • eyeliner: finish the eye package + make them pop! It's not an essential for everyone but if you're not blessed with thick or long lashes (me....) then this liner helps because in our new masked living, it's all about the eyes!!

Problem solved!