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problem: my mask is functional but not cool

problem: my mask is functional but not cool
2020/08/13 Better Blueprint
In Style, Style Tips

Problem: I'm a 'team player' and using the disposable mask but they don't make me feel stylish. Is there a mask that is functional but fashionable too?

Solution: This is an easy one because you just need to get something that works for you! The best facial masks to own have a few features in common....

  • you can breathe in them when worn properly
  • they stay up without you having to hold it in place
  • it shows your personality
  • it's functional and offers some level of protection

The added bonus is when the mask complements your outfit!

As a wardrobe stylist, I've found denim masks to be non-functional; I've found the disposable masks to be yucky; I've found a lot of masks that are just too small so they pinch around the ear or simply don't cover the entire area from nose to chin, and I've found more than a few masks that don't allow room between the mask and your skin so it's suffocating.

My implemented solution: forget the masks that have the stretchy band...your best bet is a mask with a manual tie! While I've opted for these adorable ones by Clare V, I've also researched the Ijji, Baggu, and Birdwell.

Whichever direction you decide to go, just make sure a lot of light doesn't shine thru (that means droplets can get thru too!) matches your outfit or at least your personality!!