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  • Dec092020
    The gatapack is a face mask with replaceable filters

    7 must-haves items for post-pandemic travel

    I am in the camp of not traveling life sometimes does, we are thrust into the moment! During this…

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  • Mar092019

    five travel essentials

    I'll keep it simple because whether you're a travel OG or newbie, there are some items that you'll find incredibly…

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  • Jan232017

    travel in style & luggage-free

    Time is money (and who wants to waste it waiting for luggage). If you travel then use Dufl, the service…

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  • Jan222016

    Roadtrip Part 2: To Road Trip or Not?

    I was keen on road tripping because Toyota gave me a new 2016 Highlander Limited for my “Dress for Success”…

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  • May142015

    Jumping Up And Down To Get Ready For A Beach Vacation

    My sister and father are ready to choke me but, I'm barely back three weeks from Dubai, Thailand and Vietnam,…

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  • Sep102014

    Travel Like A Pro

    I want to be the perfect travelista every time I'm on-the-road ~ that includes arriving at the airport with just…

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  • May092014

    Travel: Drinking at 30,000 Feet

    Do you love traveling as much as I do? When you're 'in/up for the long haul', what's your drink of…

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  • Aug262013
    travel, TSA PreCheck, expedited travl

    How Can I Get Thru Security Quicker?

    August is a HUGE travel month because it's the last chance for most parents to vacation with their kids and,…

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  • Dec312012

    T&L Travel Forecast

    To be a stylish traveler, you have to be savvy. There's nothing really cool/dapper when you don't leave enough time…

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  • Dec262012

    Internat’l Flight: Check-in Rules

    The official verbiage is that you and your luggage must be checked in at least 60 minutes before departure, and…

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  • Dec152012

    Travel Made (A Little) Easier

    As a million miler, I've covered quite a bit of ground (or air) and, frankly, I've done most of it…

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  • Oct262011

    Think ‘Travel Chic’

    ML Traveler (in Cannes) One of my favorite accessory designers is Stephanie Johnson and because it's my birthday, I decided to…

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  • May202011

    Travel With Bags – Lots of Them!

    Seriously, use plastic bags to store items that are delicate and can get snagged or ripped (lace, etc); and invest…

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  • May162011

    Packing Perfectly

    Roll don't fold clothes -- it will make less creases and more space to pack those few key extras!

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  • Nov232010

    (Selectively) Less is More

    Less is more today, but the key is to be selective about what that less is!  When packing for a…

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  • Nov092010

    Tokyo Etiquette & Social Norms

    Walk to the left Quiet in public Everyone carries handbags (even men and kids) Money is not exchanged hand to…

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