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(Selectively) Less is More

(Selectively) Less is More
2010/11/23 Maya H.

Less is more today, but the key is to be selective about what that less is!  When packing for a quick business trip, too many shirts isn't useful, but not having enough underwear can leave you feeling a little too open....

So, when we're talking about travel packing, the first basic is a good suit that is comfortable and cut well, but can also work with you as you move through airports, taxis, meetings, and restaurants.  My recommendation is a dark-colored suit -- my personal preference is charcoal greyNext are shirts - -  I recommend two even though one could work, but two allows for error or a long day where you may have worked up a sweat...literally.  Gents, this is two button-downs, and ladies this can be the same or one button-down and a weighty camisole (can double for late-night get together).  Plain colors mix-and-match well.

Last essential are shoes -- comfortable but ready for a workout.  My recommendation are black shoes.  Men, lace-ups or brogues will get you through boardrooms and a quick nightcap, and ladies, a fabulous slingback can often do more work that a traditional pump.  Travel with them, or carry them in a shoe bag and rock flats as you do your OJ through the airports!

Business Packing Tips

  1. Plan appropriately: know how many meetings, dinners, etc you have to attend (and then account for 1 extra).
  2. Know the weather: meteorologists suck, but check anyway and make sure your clothing matches the forecast.
  3. Pack smart: heavy items on the bottom, liquids accessible.
  4. Dress smart: don't lose cool points moving through security; know what will sound the alarm, have your baggie ready, and shoes that take more than 15 seconds to change are not going to work!
  5. Tech savvy: invest in a container/bag that holds all of your gadgets and check them before you leave the house.

Tumble dryers can be tough on your clothing so try to send most of your stuff to a dry cleaner.  A tip for men: there are a lot of good deals if you do shopping online for the holidays. You might want to take a look at men’s electric shavers this season to get one for cheap.