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  • Oct162023

    travel packing formula

    I'm not sure of when you hit the road last but luggage fees are almost exorbitant and lost luggage is…

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  • Aug192022

    travel packing … with ease

    Your 7-Day Travel Packing Formula (press on the link and then select 'download file')

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  • Aug102022

    travel packing webinar

    Planning to travel? Want to travel soon? Already planned some travel? Then you need to join this Travel Packing webinar…

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  • Dec022013
    fold a suit jacket, travel

    If You Travel & Wear Suit Jacket

    This post is for you....even if it's just going to happen once over the holiday season. This cool site, Real…

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  • Oct242012

    Off to Paris- My Airport Attire

    What do you wear to the airport and on your flight? Here's a quick-n-dirty list of proper airport attire that…

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  • May082012

    Top Packing Tips

    Travel season is kicking into high gear (which is kinda strange because I'd think you'd want to get away when…

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  • Apr262012

    BIG Time with Chevy

    "Goody goody gumdrops" is what I said when GM informed me that I'd be driving their 2012 Suburban 4WD LTZ...and…

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  • Aug052011

    Ready for the Weekend? Pack Right!

    OMG, Details Magazine recently did a feature on what to wear for the weekend and while they gave a few…

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  • May202011

    Travel With Bags – Lots of Them!

    Seriously, use plastic bags to store items that are delicate and can get snagged or ripped (lace, etc); and invest…

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  • May182011

    Maximize Your Suitcase Space

    Use your shoes to store toiletries, socks, jewelry, and other small noteables - and to save space!

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  • Nov232010

    (Selectively) Less is More

    Less is more today, but the key is to be selective about what that less is!  When packing for a…

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  • May252010

    Packing for Memorial Day Weekend

    While this list can have variations depending on the location and length of your trip, these basics should get any…

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  • Apr222010

    Femme Fatale Fashionable Packing

    Spring is finally here and everyone is preparing for the first round of weekend forays and getaways.  Here's your packing…

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  • Jul012009

    Client Testimonial: Sandra S.

    I have been on the road with this woman from Mexico City to Amsterdam.  She has a style and presence…

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