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Top Packing Tips

Top Packing Tips
2012/05/08 Better Blueprint

Travel season is kicking into high gear (which is kinda strange because I'd think you'd want to get away when it's cold out....anyway) and we wanted to share our best travel packing tips to make the sting of TSA a little more bearable:

  1. pack for activities you "know" you'll do. Classic overpacking happens because you "think" you might do this or might do that - go with what you know!
  2. shoes take up lots of space so, the rule to abide by is wear the bulkiest pair (typically tennys or dress shoes). Bring a casual/walking-friendly pair, and something that can be dressed up. You're on vacation so likely no one is expecting you to participate in a runway walkoff!!
  3. stick with stuff that's machine washable. Today you can find washable linens, etc. In a pinch, washing something in a sink is easier and less expensive than hotel laundry or drycleaning
  4. versatility is heaven. You love that worn-in tee with the cute lips on the chest but can you wear it with your linen skirt in the evening or to a night out at a cozy jazz spot? Opt for the items that offer the most flexibility across different outfits and events
  5. let experience be your best teacher. You know you love dresses so why not pack one? You always feel most comfortable in your cargo pants and sportcoat so why try something new now. Stick with what you know, and just add flavor with different colors/textures

Go forth, pack light and travel well! If you need more assistance packing, click here and we'll be there in a jiffy.