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  • Dec192015

    My New Essential Travel Companion: Steamer

    I'm always at-the-ready when it comes to travel. While my girlfriend, Julia, manages to pack do-da's for every possible situation including impromptu…

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  • Dec152012

    Travel Made (A Little) Easier

    As a million miler, I've covered quite a bit of ground (or air) and, frankly, I've done most of it…

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  • May082012

    Top Packing Tips

    Travel season is kicking into high gear (which is kinda strange because I'd think you'd want to get away when…

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  • May162011

    Packing Perfectly

    Roll don't fold clothes -- it will make less creases and more space to pack those few key extras!

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  • May122011

    Travel Savvy

    Use shoe bags (we love Shubi!) to keep dirty shoes away from your clothes; and keep whites and lights separated from…

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  • May092011

    Monday Morning Quickie

     When traveling, choose a color palette - one or two neutrals plus one color - to make coordinating a no-brainer!

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  • Aug112010

    On the Move…Stylishly

    Blueprint for Style is traveling today; headed to Chicago for Ebony Magazine's roundtable discussion on the real issues in public…

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  • May252010

    Packing for Memorial Day Weekend

    While this list can have variations depending on the location and length of your trip, these basics should get any…

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