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Packing for Memorial Day Weekend

Packing for Memorial Day Weekend
2010/05/25 Maya H.

While this list can have variations depending on the location and length of your trip, these basics should get any wo/man through the weekend in effortless style!

  1. Sunglasses- we'll believe in the power of positive thinking and thus, there will be sun!  Plus, a scrunched-up face doesn't make for pretty pictures or a nice introduction...
  2. Over-sized hat/Umbrella- Ok so much for positive thinking...better to be prepared, right?  With this warm weather and a little moisture, a hat could be the one essential that keep your hair in check!
  3. Flip flops- they're a summer essential...for walking around, as 'house slippers' in your hotel room, and depending on the cool, just the splash of color our sundress needs
  4. Linen/cotton pants- they are ideal for evenings and even daytime picnics.  With a light over-sized cotton sweater and a tank, you're ready for just about any kind of weather
  5. Swimsuit/trunks- even if you aren't planning to take a dip, they take a very little luggage space and it makes you look like  a good sport!
  6. Lightweight, long-sleeve sweater- stick with a white or neutral color so you can work it with multiple items...the evening breezy can still be a bit much
  7. Sporting outfit- whether it's a round of gold, tennis, yatzy or a brisk morning walk, have something that can demonstrate your more athletic side
  8. Simple knee-leght dress/sport coat- these serve the same purpose which is to give you flexibility in heading off to dinner at a fancier place or just a sit-down soiree
  9. Fun, flirty skirt/shorts- after all it's the weekend and you should have fun.  Pack 2 so you can change it up if necessary
  10. Tees/button-down- depending on the weather/climate, plan to pack 3 (it's a 4-day weekend and you've got other items to choose from)
  11. Footwear- sneakers, high- heel strappy sandals, flip flops, flats

All the rest is up for grabs but, there shouldn't be much more needed.  Incidentally, this should all fit into a duffel or rollerbag and carry-on (click here more details)