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Off to Paris- My Airport Attire

Off to Paris- My Airport Attire
2012/10/24 Better Blueprint
In Beauty, Travel

What do you wear to the airport and on your flight? Here's a quick-n-dirty list of proper airport attire that says you care but also want to be comfortable:

  • Choose a base color {black, navy, brown or camel} and commit
  • A white tee or button down like this one as a starting point means you can go anywhere
  • One additional layer in the form of a blazer of cardigan....I prefer cardigans because they're cozier and then I just add a belt to create polish
  • Opt for a buckle-free flat - consider something blingy like these - to make security checkpoints a breeze {I love heels too but we're talking about the quickest way to get away from TSA!}
  • I'm a fan of stylish comfort so my bottoms should be wrinkle-proof, have some shape, and look fresh - loving these J.Crew pants.
  • A carry-on [I'm feening for this bag] that it large enough to fit what you need but, small enough that you can lift it into the overhead [by yourself]. In your carry-on, you'll need...
    • one outfit change (you never know what's going to happen to your checked bag} - I got this one-piece of awesomeness!
    • tech supplies - ipad, charger, cords
    • sleep aids (whether pills, blow up pillow, footsies, and/or cashmere throw)
    • brain fuel - that includes a book, notebook to capture random high-altitude genius, two snacks and a a minimum
    • scarf - this is great to avoid the person hacking next to you or to roll up behind your neck
    • beauty regimen (especially if you're deplaning and going straight to a meeting) - moisturizer or spritzer [planes wreak havoc on your skin], lip balm, travel toothbrush, contact solution, hand sanitizer, white strips {I mean you're captive so why not catch up on some stuff...?}, and NARS multiple in Palm Beach {you will worship me after you purchase & use this!}. Just about anything that will help retain moisture!