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  • Dec072016
    j.crew t-shirt

    Curating a T-shirt Collection

    I just did a massive dump of most of my tees because I realized they weren't what I really wanted.…

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  • Jan012015

    Handbag Shuffle

    I have quite a few handbags especially clutches because I have a belief that they are always useful whether to…

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  • Nov162012

    Paris Beauty Secret: Orlane

    As part of my recent #ParisBeauty12 trip, several of us received a traditional Parisian facial at Orlane Paris. Simply fabulous!…

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  • Nov092012

    A Royal Fragrance: Black Jade

    Pierre Francois Lubin became the apprentice of Tombarelli, a master perfumer of Grasse, in the south of France He completed…

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  • Oct242012

    Off to Paris- My Airport Attire

    What do you wear to the airport and on your flight? Here's a quick-n-dirty list of proper airport attire that…

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  • Oct202012

    Preparing for Paris

    It's been almost two years since I've been to the "City of Lights" but, I think of it often not…

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  • Dec082011

    An Excellent Example of Shared Consumption

    I'm in Paris at #LeWeb and the last 12 hours have been a little tiring, and a lot dizzying but…

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  • Dec022009

    Designer of the Week: Christian Dior

    Just a wonderful man with so much to give in terms of fashion and style -- whose trademark is simply…

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