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Preparing for Paris

Preparing for Paris
2012/10/20 Better Blueprint

It's been almost two years since I've been to the "City of Lights" but, I think of it often not only because as a stylist, it's the holy grail but because the energy of city and its inhabitants is infectious!

Here's a style secret: when you travel, a lot of what you wear is determined by the outerwear.... in this case, I'll be rocking the Zara zipped camouflage jacket because it has sparklies on either breast pocket; the fit is perfect for a tee or a couple of thin layers; the color coordinates well with my denim and black; and I'm obsessed with camouflage lately. The weather is calling for mid 60s during the day and 50s in the evenings....perfect!

Unfortunately, this jacket is never available so, we found a substitute at Club Monaco called the Lauren Cam Jacket...albeit a little bit pricier (and without any sparklies....bad!).

I am honored to be heading to Paris as part of a Beauty & Style Bloggers Tour (eight other lovelies including Lianne (The Makeup Girl), Carmen (Lipstick Fashion Mascara), Amy (Midtown Girl), Erika (Makeup Bag), Julia (All About the Pretty), Xina, Julia (another one), and Rosie.

Stay tuned for funny pictures and crazy video.....