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  • Dec132020
    The most basic outerwear essential is a chic, camel trench coat

    the most basic but essential outerwear

    Simply put, there is no piece of outerwear more basic but more essential than the trench coat! The one pictured…

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  • Apr072020

    camel coat options

    It is the most basic and classic piece of outerwear (along with a jean jacket) - a camel coat and…

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  • Dec012019

    top must-have outerwear guide

    My clients send emails every now and again asking about jackets or "dressy coats" or "everyday coats for work" and…

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  • Nov102016

    gearing up for the holidays

    When I think of the holidays, home decor and clothing for Christmas day or even a snowball fight outdoors, Lands'…

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  • Apr152016

    Doing Casual Better…

    I've lived all over the world albeit mostly in the United States once I was "of age" but even in…

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  • Mar042016

    Ready for the Weekend: Flats & Handbag

    It's the weeeeekend baby! And the perfect time to think about how to amp up your everyday style or, better yet, how…

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  • Feb032016

    What The Fashionable Are Wearing For Fashion Week!

    I don't often post about what others are wearing unless it makes now! At this year's Paris Couture Spring…

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  • Feb012016

    Post Jonas Coat Cover Up

    Jonas was serious, right? I was holed up in my place for more than two days...excluding venturing into my backyard…

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  • Dec092015

    To Be A True Fashion Icon, You Need….

    A peacoat! She is a queen of cool.... Emmanuelle Alt - the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris since February 2011, succeeding…

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  • Oct092015

    Ready for the Weekend: Casual Chic Cape

    Capes are instantly chic. Capes require a little work (they don't necessarily stay in place all the time). The drama…

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  • Sep282015
    quilted sport coat men's outerwear

    Men’s Fall Must-Have #1: Quilted Sport Coat

    Guys aren't that complicated so the list of fashion must-haves is short not to mention for fall. I hypothesize that…

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  • Jan222014
    leather-peplum-biker jacket

    Amen for ASOS: New Year, Better Style

    You know ASOS, right? It's a global online fashion and beauty retailer for men and women. Their target market is…

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  • Oct232013

    Getting The Warm “Fuzzies”

    It's the time of year when you want to snuggle up in something warm or by a cozy fire on…

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  • Mar202013

    Proenza Schouler-inspired Outerwear

    I saw it. I loved it. I thought of Proenza Schouler. I obsess over navy blue. It's mine ~ it…

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  • Nov282012

    A Jacket That Is As Cool As It Is Hot

    It's on my want-but-don't need and Lust lists. This Burberry Prorsum oversize lapel bomber jacket will look great with all…

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  • Nov232012

    Daytime Sequins, Evening Sparkle

    Do you own sequins? I do (now)! Have you ever wondered whether you can wear sequins during the day? and…

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  • Nov152012

    What’s Hotter Than A Man In Uniform?

    The answer: a man doing his duty to look good (whether military or not)! But this season, you can have…

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  • Oct202012

    Preparing for Paris

    It's been almost two years since I've been to the "City of Lights" but, I think of it often not…

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  • Sep202012

    It’s All In The Outerwear

    Oftentimes, our outfit cannot be as fabulous as we'd like. In those instances, we recommend you focus on the outerwear…

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  • Aug242012

    A Coat To Bridge Fall and Winter

    Never knew such a thing as "bridge coat" existed until GQ mentioned {I'm still skeptical...} but it's apparently like a…

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  • Jul302012

    A/W 2012 Trend: Precious Coats

    We all need a coat for winter (unless you reside in Florida or Arizona).  Technically your coat from last year…

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  • Apr212012

    It’s That Time of Month…

    What were you thinking?! April is the month to purchase rain gear. Move quickly before April showers are gone, sunshine…

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  • Apr042012

    Sayonara Simon Spurr

    It's so long to Simon Spurr at Simon Spurr. On March 16th, amid thinly veiled references of longstanding agreements, Simon…

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  • Jan232012

    Our Hautest, Cheapest, Most Complete Professional Look for $237

    This outfit is for any woman who is just starting out and wants to look fabulous, or any woman who…

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  • Jan202012

    Outerwear Is In

    On very good authority, I have listed the top points for men to note when thinking about outerwear: Slim-fitting ~…

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