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Amen for ASOS: New Year, Better Style

Amen for ASOS: New Year, Better Style
2014/01/22 Better Blueprint

You know ASOS, right? It's a global online fashion and beauty retailer for men and women. Their target market is the 20s and early 30s so it may not resonate immediately with some of you but it's always worth a peek.

Style note: as it is based in the UK and given it's target market, my recommendation will always be to size up one to two sizes depending on the give of the garment and the styling!!

That said, they asked me what I wanted for Christmas (yes, Christmas!) and what I wanted to do was wait until I had determined my style goals for the year. My 2014 style goals include two oversized handbags, prints, fabulous textured black flats, a new leather jacket, and a few navy blue touches of feminine loveliness. I scoured the site and found lots but my eyes widened when I saw this leather jacket!

  • leather-peplum-biker jacketLeather peplum biker jacket
  • Excited because it's leather with zippers which reads biker tough but the peplum reads feminine!
  • Perfect for transition or shoulder seasons
  • I can envision this accumulating many air miles too
  • I sized up one size (fingers crossed it fits!)
  • You want it...don't you?! It's on sale right now (under $150)

Thank you ASOS for the hook-up